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This is our laboratory of ideas, case studies, considerations and insights into the world of strategy, marketing and creativity. We will express our points of view on a world and a market that constantly evolve and involve. We used the word “laboratory”, which is in our DNA, because we hope it will represent a table, even if just in our imagination, where we can sit together and listen to your point of view. No one improves without comparisons, not even the strategists.



Launching a new brand: ArtifexOpera naming, positioning and logo

Before launching a new project from scratch, an entrepreneur faces several challenges and organizes each step in the best way. We know that having a consistent and realistic marketing plan it is crucial, as it serves as a compass, especially in the first few months. A second fundamental point for professionals involved in corporate strategy is to define branding and positioning strategy as well. If it is true that it is essential to find the appropriate human and financial resources, to know how to invest them in the market and in operational tools, it is equally true that any company needs to be rooted in the consumer’s mind. In this article, we will see how to make the coordinated image of a brand memorable.

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Overcoming a crisis by teaming: the business ecosystems

We are facing a period of many market changes, activating an ecosystem strategy that combines multiple players with a specific purpose can be the winning choice. We will explain what exactly an ecosystem is, its characteristics, the type of leadership that distinguishes it and the challenges it poses to the entrepreneurs who are part of it. The word “ecosystem” appeared 130% times more than it did ten years ago in the business reports of S&P 500 companies. Why has the corporate strategy taken this word from ecology? What can we learn from the environments that appear in nature? Talking about ecosystems means talking about one of the most innovative and analyzed issues of a corporate strategy.

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Beauty pays (back): why investing in your brand aesthetics will increase your company’s ROI

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” maybe this saying is not completely true. Visually, beauty is symmetry and mathematics: we are attracted to proportionate faces and bodies. Musically, beauty is harmony and again is mathematics. And what about branding? Does the math still apply? On an aesthetic perspective, the answer is once again positive: brands with a beautiful aesthetic stay longer in the consumers’ mind. Once again, statistics and accounts prove us that investing in aesthetics is worthwhile. So, what exactly is the concept of aesthetics applied to the brand? And how do revenues increase after investing in beauty? Here are some answers to the most beautiful questions ever.

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