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Why do we do it?


Our team is made up of people who have faced obstacles both in private and work life and have decided to see them as opportunities instead of giving up.

This makes us pragmatic and creative, reflective and strategic so that we can grasp details that could get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

This is why we support the concept of the tenth man: a key role of war intelligence with the aim of evaluating scenarios that could appear almost impossible and was forced to disagree even to the highest-ranking generals’ choices.

This served as an encouragement to review strategies and tactics. Imagine a room where nine out of ten people agree, the role of the tenth man is to question general opinion.

In terms of consultancy and relationships with our clients, this does not mean questioning business choices, but advising and supporting to evaluate as many scenarios as possible. Analyze new legislative proposals that impact the industry in which we are working, evaluate business diversification hypotheses or design CSR projects that involve the local communities.

Returning to the question “why we do it” the answer is simple: because facing your obstacles, we decide to see them as opportunities.

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We are


We were born in the age of speed and uncertainty and this always makes us lucid even in the middle of the storm.

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We are

data lovers

We read, analyze, use and take advantage of tons of data.

We are


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We are


We have created a horizontal work environment structure where we cooperate and discuss together. Our ideas are born this way.

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We are

constantly changing

We strongly believe in learning by doing and growing with our clients day after day.


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We are


If there is no solution, we do not give up but create a new path.

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We are


Yes, we say it aloud. We create projects, campaigns, sales strategies using tools never applied before in that industry and the data confirm that our vision was right.

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We are

a team

We are a family and every new client becomes part of it.

Elisabetta Saccon / CEO & Founder

Elisabetta Saccon

CEO & Founder

Elisabetta Saccon is a business consultant specialized in strategic marketing and branding. She graduated in Management from Bocconi University and continued with a specialist degree in Brand Management from IULM University, where she still teaches as an expert on the subject in the field of Branding Law. 

Since February 2021, she has been attending a course with Harvard Business School to specialize further in Strategic Execution.

Her career path began as a market analyst for Dow Chemicals and she specialized in Digital Marketing attending a course at Columbia University. She has been continuing her path as a strategist, both in Italy and in Switzerland. Here, in Lugano to be exact, in 2017 she established Dichotomic Lab, a strategic consulting company.


Daniele Carta / Design specialist

Daniele Carta

Design specialist

Daniele Carta started working in the environment and product design industry by having a strong inclination to the creation of products and furnishing accessories that can be adapted to non-linear spaces.

Thanks to the first experiences, he has increased the know-how that now distinguishes his professional activity. Specifically, he has developed a particular inclination towards the study of materials, learning to select them not only according to the intended use and the characteristics of the spaces, but also according to the emotions they want to convey. In fact, he believes that each material owns a specific set of sensations, able to create a connection with people who observe and interact with it. At the same time, he has approached communication and experiential design field through several Business projects that he has realized. Thus, starting from 2020, he has been cooperating with DichotomicLab as a Design Specialist, joining the strategic team. His design skills and creativity provide an expert and multidisciplinary point of view to the strategies of Instore Experience Design which aim to make the customer experience more interactive. Phil Knight motto is part of him: “I told myself: Life is growth. You grow or you die”.

Edoardo Baglio / Strategist, Project Manager

Edoardo Baglio

Strategist, Project Manager

Edoardo Baglio, Strategist Analyst in strategic marketing and branding field, graduated in 2017 in Public Relations and Business Communication from the IULM University of Milan.

After his studies, he had the opportunity to improve his skills with work experiences, initially in the customer engagement field and subsequently in user experience design field in the retail context.

Passionate about Design Thinking, he deals with the projects he works on as stimulating challenges, with a critical spirit and, above all, with a vision outside the box. For each client, he tries to find original and strategic solutions starting from analysis and taking inspiration from life experiences and insight that he finds in other fields as well. Not always similar to the analyzed industry but with relating peculiarities.

In the modern world where there is often more supply than demand, we need to go beyond our industry, we need to be visionary, otherwise we risk being invisible. 

“You don’t need to think outside the box simply realize there is no box”

Cristina Bonin / Account, Creative strategist

Cristina Bonin

Account, Creative Developer

Cristina Bonin collaborates with DichotomicLab in the role of Account and Creative Developer. She grew in the entrepreneurial environment of Turin, thanks to the engineering and architectural company run by her family. This allowed her to observe the organizational process and understand what critical issues and strengths Italian companies can have.

At the same time, due to her personal communication skills, she decided to attend Communication Sciences at the University of Turin. Afterwards, she specialized in Brand Management from the Iulm University of Milan with a master’s degree in Marketing, Consumption and Communication.

Thanks to this background, she has developed a multisided approach: on the one hand, she is able to understand needs and requirements of entrepreneurs, and on the other hand, to stay focused on the market.

Nowadays, an overall view allows you to think from an alternative point of view, a fundamental aspect to be competitive!

Angelo Pascucci / Web Developer, Advertiser

Angelo Pascucci

Web Developer e Advertiser

Angelo Pascucci, Web Developer and Advertiser, loves to call himself a lifelong learner, an inexhaustible researcher, a professional with the constant need to broaden his knowledge.

It can be said of him that “being nerd has never been more advantageous!” In fact, at the age of thirteen, he fed his dreams by modifying video games and consoles. The digital world was never something outside of himself to approach, but an environment full of stimuli and possibilities where he could grow.

Led by the constant desire to learn more, he attended numerous training courses in web marketing and then obtained a specialist master in PPC advertising.

He strengthened his experience in this field working as a freelance and collaborating with agencies, and then he approached the world of strategic branding and marketing, deepening its potential and integrating it into his work process.

Like his idol Elon Musk, he knows the meaning of perseverance, he believes in persistence, in ambitious purposes and, above all, he believes in the importance of the mistakes: a source of innumerable growth possibilities!

Luigi Cordaro / Junior Inbound Specialist

Luigi Cordaro

Junior Inbound Specialist

Luigi Cordaro is a young digital communication and marketing lover.  

Through participation in various university projects, he has developed a particular interest in both market research and inbound marketing strategies. Luigi is fascinated by analyzing the characteristics and trends of the different markets in which companies operate. This approach allows him to draw useful insights to define communication strategies which are never impromptu nor random.

Graduated in Marketing Management at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, in DichotomicLab Luigi deals with market, consumer habits and target analysis. Moreover, he cooperates with the team by drafting strategic marketing plans.

Pragmatism and curiosity unite his approach to work and everyday life.

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