Risk Assessment


What is it?

We examine the client company in order to identify, verify and effectively manage all the internal and external variables that compromise the company’s profitability.

In-depth sector studies also allow us to determine specific market trends and implement strategies to plan risk management and better safeguard corporate assets.

What it includes

The comprehensive overview of internal and external risks of the company and the creation of an ad hoc strategy aimed at mitigating them and consolidating the company business


It identifies all current and potential dangers of the company that prevent the full achievement of business objectives.


It provides useful information on how to best enhance the distinctive features, strengths and know-how of the company.


It outlines the current trends and growth prospects of the industry and the target market in order to anticipate its needs and prevent any future risk.


It evaluates the feasibility of expanding the company business into a new industry or country as well as its risks and its benefits.

Case Study:
Understand your risks

On behalf of the client company, we have drawn up a Risk Assessment to identify all the risks that threatened the business from various points of view. The analysis included positioning, naming, multi-channel communication and coordinated image and it was carried out to establish all the actions needed to mitigate the risks with a precise order of priority.

The formulation of the Risk Assessment followed a scrupulous preliminary analysis, which concerned the strategy adopted until that moment, how the market perceived the company, its peculiarities and its strengths.

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