What is it?

Professional and technical skills as well as competencies are critical to the business success. In order to achieve the necessary organizational and technical innovation flows, we have been supporting companies by sharing knowledge, methodologies and technologies through specific training courses.

We outline the training objectives with the client following preliminary discussions and carry out tests to establish the level of knowledge of the team. According to this, we create customized training courses able to provide the skills to face and to win the challenges of a constantly evolving context.



Retail Experience

Digital Innovation

Internal Communication

Aestetics & Design


Custom Made

Cosa include

The training courses meet the specific needs of the participants and provide skills that are immediately applicable at any level of the business context

For Managers

Tailor-made training to provide the team with up-to-date skills on the new dynamics of online and offline communication. This allow them to have all the tools, both practical and conceptual, aimed at the correct understanding and application of a communication strategy.

For Employees

Tailor-made lessons, carried out through interactive methodologies such as “learning by doing” or “creative learning” and with innovative supports, such as video, audio and infographics, which help stimulate the learning of participants throughout the training course.

Case Study:
How to apply a strategy

Following a first meeting with the client and an initial questionnaire to verify the starting level of the participants, we have drawn up a tailor-made training plan for the internal marketing and communication department. 

The course was carried out using the “learning by doing” method typical of the Harvard methodology, making the team interact with several business case studies to stimulate the application of what has been learned about real-world problems.

The lessons covered several topics, such as internal communication, retail experience and digital innovation, as well as tailor-made topics proposed directly by the participants.

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