What is it?

We assist and advise our clients by supporting them to seize important business opportunities, as well as deal with corporate changes and achieve their objectives.

Our mission is to support the client through customized consultancy and services in order to optimize the organization and business operation through effective business strategies to reach the determined goal.


A department that, thanks to our network of partners, supports the entrepreneur and the company in all its phases: from its creation, its development, through to the optimization of its internal resources.


DichotomicLab department that evaluates new investment opportunities through the development of projects that allow companies to generate new sources of income or achieve specific goals.

Marketing and

Department of DichotomicLab that develops solutions and strategies aimed at providing a competitive advantage to its clients thanks to communication and branding activities.

Moreover, we provide consultancies on the ongoing online activities of the company and on how they can be optimized to achieve the established goals.


Department of DichotomicLab that deals with analyzing the sales processes of the client companies, identifying the opportunities for improvement and establishing an action plan.

We support our clients through an accurate definition of the target, the competitors currently present in the market and potential future ones.

How can we help you?

We are happy to listen to your needs and show you how our services can help you achieve your next business goals.

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