Marketing and Communication

Department of DichotomicLab that develops solutions and strategies aimed at providing a competitive advantage to its clients thanks to communication and branding activities.

Moreover, we provide advice on the current online activities of the company and on how these can be optimized to achieve the established goals.


Our services


Creation of a market positioning

  • Distinctive positioning definition
  • Company strengths enhancement
  • Competitor analysis


  • Company goals definition
  • Building a strategy that reinforces mission, vision and values

E-commerce and Website Optimization

  • Research of vulnerable elements
  • Report with changes and adjustment useful for UX

Integrated communication

  • Internal and external communication plan that provides for budget planning and subdivision of activities according to objectives

Online presence

  • Analysis and reporting on the quality of the current online presence
  • Effectiveness considerations based on market, country and target audience
  • Definition of an online strategy aimed at increasing recognisability


  • Reference market analysis
  • Integrated online and offline strategy creation
  • Report with timing assessment and budget management

How can we help you?

We are happy to listen to your needs and show you how our services can help you achieve your next business goals.

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