Department of DichotomicLab that deals with analyzing the sales processes of client companies, identifying the opportunities for improvement and establishing an action plan.

We support our clients through an accurate definition of the target, the competitors currently present in the market and potential future ones.


Our Services


Customer and target analysis

  • Analysis of the product and / or service
  • Evaluation of the benefits and insights of the product and / or service
  • Analysis and categorization of the current target
  • Analysis and clustering of the potential target
  • Analysis of latent and aware online demand
  • Definition of channels and strategy that includes activities for each target

Competitors analysis

  • Report on direct and indirect competitors
  • Evaluation of the current positioning
  • Evaluation of the competitors positioning 
  • Competitor analysis according to direct and indirect online demand
  • Reference benchmark research and analysis

E-Commerce Optimization

  • Starting condition analysis
  • Use of specific software to evaluate the effectiveness of the current platform
  • Definition of an effective on-site sales process
  • Report with changes and insights useful for UX

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